Script Frenzy! Raaaarrr!

My parents married on 12th December. I was born on the following 12th August. Exactly nine months since their wedding day. According to the more innocent members of my family, this is the first and only recorded time I ever made a deadline.

Which is why I think I’ll be taking part in this year’s Script Frenzy. In the spirit of the NaNoWriEenieMeenieMinieMo scheme, you are challenged to produce a screenplay of at least 100 pages between 1st and 30th April this year.

I think I’ll take this opportunity to bash out a concept that’s been on the back burner. Let me know if you’ll be taking up the challenge as well. Let’s get some morale boosting support and love going!


  1. I don’t know about this year but I’ve done NaNoWriMo once and ScriptFrenzy twice – once I used it to finish my TV script, second time to write a feature.

    Definitely worth doing to get something finished.

  2. Do it! As Adaddinsane says, it’s really worth it for the deadline! I would take part but I really have got far too much going on just now! Good Luck! x

  3. It’s decided then! Once I’ve got this online diary sorted (still a load of stuff to put up, but I’ve got Thursday off work to do that), I’m sticking to a schedule to update it so it doesn’t take up my writing time! Think I know which idea to develop for it!

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