Screenwriters wanted for children’s TV Series

I hope that this gets through as Feedburner seems to have gone mental trying to deliver feeds to people. Oh well. Hopefully it’ll sort itself out. Anyway…

“Screenwriters Wanted for Children’s TV Series
Deadline: 21 February 2009
London based independent animation company Virtuocity are producing a children’s computer animated TV series based on traditional European fairy tales. They are building a Bristol-based production team and are looking for writers in the area to apply for a position within a team of screenwriters to develop scripts for the series. If you wish to apply, please tell them in no more than 200 words why you want to work on an animated TV series for children. Please submit you answer and CV, via email to Darrel Butlin
There. This diary’s working out, isn’t it?


  1. This diary thang is doing the business very nicely indeed, thanks. I mean, nothing that I actually want to apply for yet but at least I know exactly what I’m ignoring.

    Um, that is actually really genuinely a compliment. Honest.

  2. Ha Ha! Compliment accepted, thank you. I know what you mean, though. All this new found knowledge of what’s going on has made me realise that I really must pull my finger out!

  3. I was working in Bristol last week … does that count?

    (Join another great procrastination tool.)

  4. Look at you, being all helpful when you’re not riding wooden pigs!

  5. Just trying to spread the writerly love, Lis! They’ve now upgraded to wooden sheep in my local park, so I’m currently sheep-whispering to get them under my spell…

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