X-Men: The Last Straw

Which will be forever known as “Two Hours of My Life I’m Never Having Back”. I could sit here for hours writing about the plot holes, characters disappearing and re-appearing, not enough Rogue in leather and the massive problem with the whole premise of the film. And WTF is going on with Sir Ian McKellan’s ears? Is he Ferengi?

But I won’t. I’ll just ask this simple question. Why did they replace Hugh Jackman with Wayne Slob? “I’m avin’ a fag, Magneto!!!”

Roll on “Watchmen”…


  1. You think you got it bad? Ha! We paid to see this on the big screen.

    “Being Human” now there’s quality.

  2. Dear God, really? Please accept my condolences.
    Was going to tape “Being Human”, but my Sky box went mad and wasn’t able to tape anything and was already an hour into X-Men. And the Better Half missed her ice dancing because of it!

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