Colonel Cob – An Explanation, Please

Nick Jr. run a campaign to turn kids onto healthy eating. It’s called – clumsily – Nicktrition.

One of the characters is called Colonel Cob. He’s a cob of corn with a stiff upper lip. He pulled himself up by his bootstraps to the higher echelons of the army.


Errr… Is it me, or does he appear to have been awarded the Iron Cross?


  1. Kaiser on the Cob!

    Corn on the Kraut!

    Veggie Nazi!

    …ok i got nothing.

    • More than I got! Unless I can do something with “Kaiser Chiefs”…

  2. Is it because corn is full of vitamins and minerals? Such as Iron??

  3. I’m so boring – I assumed it was the Victoria Cross, although no idea what act of ‘valour in the face of the enemy’ a sweet corn could manage……..

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