Merry Sci-Fi Christmas!

Well, I managed to make my way through the Sci-Fi Advent Calendar!

Here they all are listed out in order so you can see what a truly worthless exercise it all was…

1. Luke Skywalker Hated Christmas…

2. An Imperial Christmas

3. Kirk Regretted Buying Spock an iPhone For Christmas

4. Kirk is Buying Uhura’s Present. Kirk is a Sex Pest

5. The Day the Earth Stood Still

6. Jesus Was – First and Foremost – a Carpenter

7. First Contact!

8. Kirk Always Embarrassed Himself at the Christmas Party

9. Once in Royal Bespin City

10. Death Star Technical Support

11. “Only 3 To Beam Up, Scotty”

12. “Set Co-ordinates for Threshers. Engage!”

13. Death Star Technical Support Part 2

14. Proof that Emperor Palpatine is REALLY Evil!

15. It’s Sad When Couples Fight at This Time of Year

16. New Merchandising Opportunity

17. Jedi Charades Always Ended in a Fight on Christmas Day

18. Star Trek / Dr. Who Mash-Up!

19. Honestly, the Emperor is REALLY REALLY Evil!

20. What’s a Nubian?

21. Meeting the In-Laws at Christmas is Really Stressful!

22. Han Always Shot First. So To Speak.

23. Dads Are So Embarrassing When They Hit the Sherry

24. It’s a Zombie, Zombie Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all and here’s to a zombie-filled New Year!

It’s a Zombie, Zombie Christmas!

Happy Christmas From All The Zombies!

Except Zombie Clown.

He’s a Jehovah’s Witness.

Dads Are So Embarrassing When They Hit the Sherry

Han Always Shot First. So To Speak.

Meeting the In-Laws at Christmas is Stressful

What’s a Nubian?

As it’s Christmas, you probably deserve the finest speech ever about ‘Star Wars’ written by somebody who is actually funny.

Honestly, The Emperor is REALLY REALLY Evil!

Apple is just better alright? Jeff Goldblum could bring down a melonfarmin’ ALIEN MOTHERSHIP with just a PowerBook.

I have trouble getting onto my Wi-Fi with my PC laptop.