Definition of ‘A Pile of Shit’

I believe my feelings about Simon Cowell are well documented but nothing could have prepared me for the sight of a 4 FUCKING FEET HIGH PILE OF CDs OF A KARAOKE COVER OF A MILEY CUNTING CYRUS SONG.

So – needless to say – I’m on board for trying to get RATM to number one.

The NME think it’s “pointless”. But when was the last time you actually gave a shit what the NME thought?

So, go and purchase the single here for 29 of your Earth pence.

Then go and make a donation here

And you’ll feel all different kinds of lovely.

1 Comment

  1. To be fair NME have argued both sides…

    I’m all for RATM for no. 1 though.. simply because it’s a much fookin better song if nothing else!

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