What’s Going Through Tony Blair’s Head RIGHT NOW?

Zombie Fact! #7

All zombies have an irrational fear of Tom Petty.

Stormtrooper Twitter Feeds

…Are Surprisingly Dull…

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Wookiees Aren’t Real…

Chewbacca is just three Ewoks standing on each other’s shoulders and wearing a big fur coat.

Shhh. Don’t tell Han.


One For The Smokers Amongst You

Today will be the last day that I have a cigarette.

I’m not getting any younger and I have a family to think of.

And the Better Half is on to me.

But, as part of a spectacularly irregular series that began with ‘One For the Drunks Amongst You’, here is my parting gift to all the social outcasts out there.

If I ever had a packet that warned of “low fertility”, I always imagined that my sperm all looked like Hitler and that made it easier to deal with.

Steve Had Left a Red Sock in the Washing Machine…

Vulcans – They’re Shit at ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’