What Sir Patrick Stewart Should Have Said to James Corden At The Glamour Awards

There. A joke for Star Trek fans.

Points must also go to @TheTrappistMonk for his suggestion of “Make it fatso!”



  1. Frankly I think Cordon is a n0b and should show a little more respect for his elders.. oh.. and go on a diet..

  2. The current Mrs J things the sun shines out of Mr Cordon’s arse whereas I think Mr Cordon is an arse. And also totally full of himself. In fact up his own arse.

  3. He should have “accidentally” and repeatedly called him Crusher instead of Cordon.

  4. Excellent! Very ‘enterprising’.

  5. […] 1. What Sir Patrick Stewart Should’ve Said To James Corden At The Glamour Awards […]

  6. When Corden said he was “waiting for the punchline” I thought that was a bit rich. Surely the viewers of his sketch show are still doing that?

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