Movember Day 18 – Farewell To Dignity

“You’re no Tom Selleck.”

These are the words no man wishes to hear. But this is what The Better Half told me earlier this week.

The problem is, she’s right.

Before I began Movember I was worried about the humiliation of having a terrible moustache. The reality is the humiliation that people are failing to notice that I even have a terrible moustache.

I don’t know if it can be seen in this picture, but I also appear to be turning into Alan Whicker.

It’s made all the worse by the fact that my father has a thick luxuriant Des Lynam-esque moustache that is made entirely of win and awesome.

Even though I am a disappointment as a son, Dad has generously donated to the Movember cause. And there’s still time for you to do the same here.

I will be forever in your debt. Thanks.



  1. It does gets better. But truth is a month is not nearly enough time to develop the full body and consistency of a good moustache.

    Well, no, that’s a lie. A month *is* nearly long enough. But not quite.

    Sorry, have I shattered some more dreams?

  2. You’re certainly getting your ‘sexy on’ in that photo. Your top lip is like an erupting volcano of smouldering male sexuality.

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