Death and the Laughter Life

Hello. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Look at you. All grown up. Have you started shaving?

I’m sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve been busy, but that’s no excuse.

I wasn’t going to write this blog post, but I probably owe you an explanation.

I’ve been spending my time over on Twitter writing one of those childish spoof accounts.

I decided to set one up back in September and I didn’t piss about. I went for the character of Death. The Grim Reaper. The Ferryman of the Damned. The Dark Shadow Cast Over All Souls. But that’s all terribly depressing. He likes to be called Steve.

Why? I wanted something where I could comment on anything and everything and Death is the ultimate outsider. He exists outside of humanity. He exists outside of religion. He exists outside of time. I’ve used him to make jokes about Katie Price and Schrodinger’s Cat and every topic between the two.

It’s going rather well. The character has just under 14,000 followers, who are all awesome and funny and sexy, and I even have a cute little profile pic:

Isn’t he soo cute and wuvverly?

So, what’s the point of all this arsing around and telling poor quality gags about Jean Paul Sartre and existential dilemmas involving Jaffa Cakes?

When you’re a comedy writer working on your own, you can never be certain what you’ve written is funny. There’s nobody there to laugh. The Twitter account has been a great way to develop the character and to test out jokes and themes.

I’m now developing a narrative for this large chunk of material that I have written. Whether for television or prose, I’m not sure. Maybe both. Anybody want to make me an offer? I know that Terry Pratchett casts a dark shadow over any attempt to do something comedically with Death, but I’ve found a new take on the whole thing.

So, all the good stuff is over at @Its_Death. If you’re not already following, it would be great to have you along for the ride.

I’m still at @ArmyofDave where you’ll find the knob gags and I promise I’ll get back to writing more stuff on here.




I’m Sorry I Haven’t Written Anything In a While…

…But I’ve been too busy laughing at this book.

I don’t know why it’s funny…