IMG_0036Dave Turner is an award winning screenwriter and blogger who has been making people read his comedy since the Sunday Express published one of his jokes at the tender age of nine. His reward was a crisp one pound note, which he still owns in order to prove that he is – in fact – a professional writer.

His first feature script “Owen Paul Ruined My Life” was optioned by Hard Place Productions and his second stab at funny, “Only A Game”, was optioned by It’s Alright Ma Productions. You may recall that you saw neither of these at your local multiplex.

His comedy-drama “Is This Music?” was selected for the TAPS ‘Finding the Writer’s Voice’ workshop and was a runner-up in the 2008 Red Planet Screenwriting Contest.

He was a finalist in the ‘Son of a Pitch’ contest at the 2009 International Screenwriters Festival with “In The Name of Light Entertainment”, a story about a murderous childrens’ television presenter.

Most recently, Dave won the ‘Best Screenplay’ award at the 2011 London Screenwriters’ Festival with his short film script “Everything You Need”.

The Army of Dave blog has featured on the websites of BBC News, The Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, The Times and FHM, but – strangely – not the Daily Mail. It was named one of the top 10 UK Comedy Blogs by Cision Media.

Dave also writes the inexplicably popular @Its_Death Twitter account. @Its_Death was featured in both ‘Easy Living’ and GQ magazines and his tweets have made it onto the Metro, Forbes and International Business Times magazines websites. He has developed this material into ‘How To Be Dead’, a sitcom about the Grim Reaper and his employees, if anyone would like to give him money for it.

He is currently developing a comedy/horror set in an office as his experiences have shown this is the best location to witness both comedy and horror in equal measure.  

Dave lives in the bucolic splendour of Buckinghamshire with the Better Half and their three children conveniently named Kids A – C. He very rarely talks about himself in the third person.

Yes. That is a massive Kit Kat.

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