Beginner’s Guide To Dave

Why not try these inexplicably popular ramblings on for size?

An Email To Sky

The Man Who Sold The World

If Jeff Goldblum Had used Windows In ‘Independence Day’

Death Star Technical Support

The Skittlebrau Project

The Daily Mail Needs You!

The Router All Evil

Zombie Top Trumps!

Time Travel: A Beginner’s Guide

More WikiLeaks Revelations

Guide to Parenthood

Stormtrooper Twitter Feeds

If ‘Independence Day’ Had Been Made Today…

Army of Dave Solves The iPhone Reception Issue

Merry Sci-Fi Christmas!

The Daily Mail Reveals New Publishing Model

Oh No! It’s An All Time Top 5! Part 5

One For The Drunks Amongst You

Who Makes Steve Guttenberg A Star?

Why Scooby Doo Was Rubbish

Definition of ‘Awkward’

Zombie Fact! #1

A Cartoon About Death

Breakfast: X-Factor Style!

The Galaxy’s Got Talent!

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1 Comment

  1. Oh, god. I can´t believe Dave has actually created a blog in order to generate fan base. I hope are friend steve doesn’t get the same idea.

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