Mid-Term Election Drinking Game

I’ve noticed that there have been quite a few hits on this site from people looking for drinking games for the American mid-term elections. So I thought I’d better write one.  

The problem is, everything I know about American politics I learnt from ‘The West Wing’. Or at least the episodes that featured Mary-Louise Parker. And then I wasn’t really paying attention.

I’ve been reading up on it on Wikipedia and, based on previous experience, I’ve ignored the stuff about unicorns.

So, according to the wise people at Wikipedia, these elections are being called because President Bartlett was shot. He was replaced by Jimmy Smits, who left the Galactic Senate soon afterwards to become the King of Alderaan and lead the Rebel Alliance against a collection of British character actors known as “The Empire”.

The Rebel Alliance then invaded the Middle Eastern state of Mordor with the help of some Hobbits and an opposing faction of British character actors.

British character actors are a really violent bunch.  

The actor Chris O’Donnell decided to leave the show CSI:NY (upsetting his co-stars Bill Cosby, Stills, Nash & Young) and got involved in the political movement The Birthday Party. Concerned that they were getting too many bookings from people who thought they were the old Nick Cave band, they changed their name to the Tea Party.

I am unaware of how much tea is actually consumed. I’m guessing not a lot as I always find I’m less angry after a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

So Barack Obama, who won the Legislative, Executive & Judicial branches of government (and a branch of Dixons in Leicester due to a mix up in the Constitution) after chopping off George W Bush’s hand, is concerned that the Republicans (who later become the Empire. Keep up.) will take control of Dixons   Comet  Congress.

Which is the long way of saying I have no idea what is going on. So the one rule I can come up with for the drinking game is ‘Just Drink’.

Unless you guys can come up with anything.