Definition of ‘A Pile of Shit’

I believe my feelings about Simon Cowell are well documented but nothing could have prepared me for the sight of a 4 FUCKING FEET HIGH PILE OF CDs OF A KARAOKE COVER OF A MILEY CUNTING CYRUS SONG.

So – needless to say – I’m on board for trying to get RATM to number one.

The NME think it’s “pointless”. But when was the last time you actually gave a shit what the NME thought?

So, go and purchase the single here for 29 of your Earth pence.

Then go and make a donation here

And you’ll feel all different kinds of lovely.

Method Writing

I practice something that I pretentiously call “method writing”.
If I know I’m going to write an action sequence, I’ll excite myself (no sniggering at the back). If I’m writing something filled with pathos and poignancy, as I currently am, I get myself in that mood.

The way I do that is my iPod. If I’m going to be writing an action sequence, it’s Rage Against The Machine or Nirvana through the day until I’m “in the zone”. You get the idea.

So, I’m sat at work listening to “I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You” by Tom Waits and “Verdi Cries” by 10,000 Maniacs. This, unfortunately, also means that I’m reducing myself to a gibbering wreck, surrounded by blokes. I hope they don’t notice.

But, personally, getting myself in this kind of state means that I produce thoughts and ideas that I wouldn’t have if I was just sat at the laptop thinking “Right, I need to make this scene touching”. I’m starting to feel the melancholy that my characters are feeling. And that’s going to produce a more realistic scene, I think.

It also means that I’m going to be wistfully drifting around the house, full of ennui, all weekend and annoying the Better Half.

Does anyone else do this, or am I odd?