Zombie Fact #8: Zombies Love Social Media

Even after the Zombie Apocalypse, the Undead will still be pissing around on Twitter:

Remember, zombies are very good at 20 Questions

This shambles was inspired by @WoodlandBear who also does the rather charming We Write Lists blog.

Zombie Fact! #7

All zombies have an irrational fear of Tom Petty.

The Australian Zombies Tend To Get Annoying After a Couple of Tinnies

Zombie Fact! #6


It’s the Zombies. They’re voting for Jedward on ‘X-Factor’.

Except for the Zombie Clown. He’s a ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ guy. He’s rooting for the notorious racist Anton Du Beke.

Zombie Fact! #5

Millions of lives could be saved if more people were aware that – in the absence of available brains – zombies are equally happy with cheese and pineapple on sticks.


What? They’re zombies.

I never said they were classy.

Zombie Fact! #4


Z Club 7 was a franchise too far. Possibly because zombies can’t do “Jazz Hands” very well. Or maybe because there were only five of them.

I’m not sure.

Zombie Fact! #3


There is nothing scarier – nor less funny – in this world than a zombie clown.