If ‘Independence Day’ Was Made Today…

…Jeff Goldblum would probably be getting annoyed with iTunes…

Army of Dave. Proving you can’t keep a bad joke down.

Apple To Update iPhone Keyboard…

…To reflect changes in modern grammar.

Apple Launches New Stormtrooper

Both the 16GB and 32GB models will be available in either black or white.

Darth Vader is annoyed.

Why I Like Apple

Because they annoy the Daily Mail:

Still, it’s a bit rich for the Mail to accuse people of being smug bores.

I shall now spend the day holding my iPhone very close to my face and pretend I have an iPad.

Breaking News: Apple Announces New Product

March 17th 2010: Apple use St Patrick’s Day to announce a deal with Guinness to market a new product to be known as the Apple iRish:

“In many ways, Guinness and Apple are the perfect partners,” said Steve Jobs. “Guinness – like Apple products – does roughly the same thing as it’s rivals but looks prettier and costs a lot more.” 

Jobs also confirmed that anyone who buys five Apple iRishes today will receive a stupid fucking hat.


(Look, I know I’ve posted that picture before on this site but it was before anybody read it.

And – okay – on Twitter as well. But do you know how long it took me to make that picture? Bloody ages. Mostly because I’m completely inept.

Think of it as a gift. Use it as a screensaver or wallpaper for your phone.)