Dear Top Gear…

First of all, I didn’t think you had to apolgise to the Mexican nation. It’s nacho problem, it’s theirs.

While I was looking around the interweb, I came across the photograph of the Top Gear presenters:

“Hang on. You could probably hollow them out and put one inside the other,” I thought to myself.

And then it me. I know how much you like your merchandising. Four words for you.

Top Gear Russian Dolls.

(Assume Clarkson voice) “But that’s the worst idea…. In the world!” I hear you cry.

I was taught that when life gives you lemons, make visual aid. So here’s a mock up:

Richard goes into James. James goes into Jeremy. This is not – in any way – an attempt to start an internet rumour.

I await my royalty cheque. Or, failing that, could you call into the Blue Peter office and get me a badge?

All the best

Dave x