Oh. Hello, There

I know I said I wouldn’t leave you, but I’ve been creative over at The Death Guide To Life. I think there might be some funny stuff there.

There are some jokes about sloths.¬†How many websites can claim that?¬†Apart from SlothJokes.com. If you have a couple of minutes, why not have a read? And then stick a link on Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Your blog/Scribble the URL on a toilet wall? I’ll buy you a puppy*.

Hahahah! Stick a link on Google+. See? I’m funny.

Thanks. You’re still my favourite.

*Offer of Puppy Purchase May Not Be Honoured.


The Death Guide To Life

I’ve started another blog.

Look, it doesn’t mean I love you any less.

It’s called The Death Guide To Life and you can find it here.

The plan is to group together articles that answer all the Big Questions that Death can help with. They’ll then be put together, expanded upon and published in a book in some way or another.

I would be very grateful if you could pop over, please, have a look and – if the mood takes you – subscribe to it in one of the many ways available to you. Or stick it in your blog roll. Or grab strangers in the street, shake them and shout “Go and read The Death Guide To Life!!!’



Dave x