Chapter 173 – In Which Dave May Be Appreciated In His Time

I like lists. My favourite list of all time was found in a Tesco shopping trolley one day. I really wish I’d kept it.

In lovely female handwriting, it read:






And then, underneath, in big bold scribble –  added by her partner I presume – were the words:


Why do I never get to dinner parties like that?

Anyway, it was my favourite list until I found this one here where the lovely people at a company called Cision reckon Army of Dave one of the Top 10 Comedy Blogs in the UK. 

While an undeniably lovely thing to say and I’m spectacularly flattered, it’s patently untrue.

It’s not going to stop me telling every single person I meet for the next few days, though.

Still, it’s on the internet and they combined “visitor, search and social metrics with in-house expertise”. Which sounds very important. So hopefully people will believe it and shower money and shiny objects upon me.